Trail running route Dent de Nendaz
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Closed until the end of the winterseason
Route opened

This aerial trail from the departure station of the Tracouet gondola takes you to the 'Dent de Nendaz' followed by a passage over the mountain ridges to the 'Basso d'Alou'. After a rather technical descent, the return to Tracouet is along a wider dirt track. It is a technical route with steep amd aerial passages. Not appropriate to those subject to vertigo.

The characteristics of the route.
Beuson (Nendaz) (CH)
  • Distance 7 km
  • Elevation gain 500 m
  • Elevation lost 500 m
  • Min. elevation 2027 m
  • Max. elevation. 2460 m
  • Duration (depending on pace) 0h40 à 1h20
  • Marking no trail-running marking signs
After a short gondola ride from Haute-Nendaz to Tracouet, take the path which runs along the 'lac Noir' on the right. The ascent to reach the 'Dent de Nendaz' is via a mountain path. On arrival at 2461 m, next to the cross, take some time to admire the view of the lake and the surrounding mountains. Follow the path slightly downhill along a steep ridge before going back up to the 'Pointe de Balavaux' in order to reach the 'Basso d'Alou' pass. Once on the pass, follow the path which zigzags down towards Prarion/ Balavaux. This technical descent through the rhododendrons takes you to a small dirt road, among hundred year old Larch trees. Follow this path until you reach the mountain pastures and the 'Balavaux' mountain cabin. From the cabin ,( the return towards Tracouet is via the dirt road). Follow the path below the cabin which leads you into the forest. Once you reach the Jean-Pierre cross follow the path whch leads you to Tracouet.
Read before you go!
This route starts at the top of the Veysonnaz cable car. Cable car lift ascent is necessary.
Area : Nendaz
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