Trail running route 24 contours
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This trail, starting from Siviez and without any technical difficulty, leads you to Planchouet and its legendary 24 hairpin bends, an unphill passage comprising, as its name indicates, 24 hairpin bends. Once you reach the top, the path descends a gentle slope just above Siviez. This trail is part of Nendaz Trail's 35 and 70 km coursesl.

The characteristics of the route.
Siviez (Nendaz) (CH)
  • Distance 7.8 km
  • Elevation gain 610 m
  • Elevation lost 610 m
  • Min. elevation 1508 m
  • Max. elevation. 2107 m
  • Duration (depending on pace) 0h40 à 1h30
  • Marking no trail-running marking signs
This trail starts on the left of the entrance to Siviez. Take the path that crosses the river Printse, a river which takes its source further along in the valley above the Cleuson dam. After the bridge, turn left towards Planchouet. This first descent takes you through Larch and Pine forests until you reach a clearing from where you can spot the village of Planchouet. Once you reach the road, follow the signs for Nendaz Trail 'petit parcours' (small course). After a few metres you pass tow restaurants and the chapel of Planchouet built in 1931. Just after the chapel, take the road on the right: this is where the 24 hairpin bends begin. Follow the road until you reach the hiking signpost on the left, which lead you along a slightly steeper path through the forest. At the end of the bends, you arrive in the middle of a clearing. continue uphill until you reach the road again. Then turn right towards Siviez following the Nendaz Trail 'petit parcours' signposts. The descent is along a wider path to the 'Chottes de Novelly' (cow sheds). Then follow the footpath below this small hamlet and go down to Siviez through the pastures. It is very likely that you encounter some 'Hérens' breed of cows on these pastures. Free parking spaces availlable in Siviez near the departure of this trail.
Area : Siviez
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